What Is Myopractic Treatment?

Find Relief From Your Neck & Back Pain in Mesa, AZ

Does your neck or back pain make it difficult to move the way you'd like to during a workout? Myopractic treatment uses dynamic stretching and light manipulation to ease neck and back pain. It's similar to a chiropractic treatment and focuses on body alignment to get the pelvis in balance. The Fit Stop offers myopractic training sessions in Mesa, AZ.

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Find Balance and Move with Myopractics

Do you ever feel out of balance? The secret to success in life to find balance in every facet of your life. Another goal of The Fit Stop is to help you determine where you are out of balance physically, and to rectify the situation. One way this is done is to have a Myopractic Treatment through Kjar Myopractics and Rob Kjar. Rob had been a certified Myopractioner since 2012.

Rob will help put your body back in balance through a form of non-traumatic manipulation and stretching. Rob will also make some helpful suggestions of additional exercises that will help to strengthen any weak muscles, as well as give some helpful feedback on additional ways to limit causing additional imbalances to occur or re-occur. Many times, a restriction is causing the imbalance. Rob will help remove the restriction, and return your body to balance, so you can strengthen the weak areas of your body. Come experience the difference.

myopractic training mesa az

Add myopractic training to your workout routine

If you sit at a desk all day, you may suffer from neck or back pain. Myopractic treatment is an easy way to improve your body alignment and ease your pain. Here are a few things you should know about myopractic training:

  • It takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • It's usually done after you finish a workout.
  • It's recommended that you begin with myopractic treatment once a week, and then slowly drop back to once every two weeks.
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